Friday, 23 November 2012

Making use of loo rolls....

Well hello
Living in a house with my husband and two children, having one toilet is a nightmare! Mike or I will just shut the door and you have a child knocking, 'I need a wee...'. Anyway, my 1 toilet household can get quite hectic sometimes, but that's another issue!
So, somehow they kids and Mike seem to use a roll a day of toilet paper, and there are always rolls left on the holder, or on top of the cistern, or even just left on the floor. So I thought, especially with Christmas coming up, I wanted to make use of them. So I did some research on the Interweb and found a great picture of someone who had used them to make flower decorations for their tree... So here is my guide to making toilet roll flowers. I can't wait to hang them up in a few weeks :)
You will need:
1 toilet roll tube
hot glue gun

Firstly, make sure your glue gun is plugged in, switched on and heating up. Then flatten the toilet roll in half length-ways and, using the ruler, mark it at 1 1/2 cm points at the top and bottom. Then join them to make it stripey!

Then you need to, using the scissors, cut along these lines to create 7 strips of loo roll tube. Don't worry about trying to round them back into the original shape, you need them flattened.

Next, you need to get one of the pieces, place some hot glue along the top of one the folded ends and lay another one on top and squeeze together. Sounds complicated, here is a picture...

Once you have glued all of them together, you will have a nice little pile of tubes...
I personally use 7 pieces, which happens to be the amount you cut out using 1 1/2 cm thick bits, but you can use less, or more, depending on how you want your flower to look at the end. So now, if you let go, you will have something that looks like this....
Now, to finish it off, you need to just glue the two end pieces together, just in the same way as you have been, with a bit of glue along the folded part in the middle of the flower. Then you are left with something like this.......
And there you have it, a flower made from a toilet roll tube :) Personally, I have cut a little notch in one of the ends of the 'petals' and attached some string so I can hang them up, some from the ceiling and hopefully fit some on our tree.
Would you use toilet rolls to make decorations? Or do you have any other ideas for using unwanted household rubbish?
toodle pip!
Beka x

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