Sunday, 25 November 2012

Poochie :)

Well hello

We are lucky enough to have adopted a gorgeous dog called Lulu from my best friend. She has her from a puppy, but after the end of a relationship, she had to move into a flat and not a great place to look after a dog. So we took Lulu in and she was with us for around 8 months, then my friend moved to a house with one of her friends and took Lulu back :-( We were very sad to see her go, but we knew it would happen at some point.
After about 6 months, my friend had to move again, and she ended up in a flat again, so she asked us to take on Lulu again, but this time for good :-) She realised that it wasn't fair on Lulu and her and her flatmate were out from 7am til at least 6pm, whereas we had the kids and I was at home most of the day.............

So Lulu moved in for good! Now it is very hard to not fall in love with her when you see her, so try and resist yourselves.....

She is a little boring, she sleeps most of the day and only really gets up if she hears rustling (potential for food) or when the doorbell rings (potential for food). But she completes our family - she is always there in the morning to wake us up with a lick, promises to stare at you whilst you eat your dinner in case you feel the need to drop ANYTHING and just makes us smile by falling asleep in such cute positions!

Have you got any pets?

toodle pip!

Beka x

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