Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bargain accessories

Well hello
A few weeks ago, whilst I was browsing in Poundland, I had a little look at the hair and beauty accessories, and what lovely things I found :)
I have had great use out of my hair bows (post about them here) I bought in there a while ago, and I couldn't resist but pick up some more bits and bobs!

I couldn't help but pick up all three of the hair accessories at the back, I couldn't choose between them!

This is a large clip with a bow made from a thin cotton style bow, then attached to a silver butterfly. I wore this out for a day in London and it held really well. I thought it might fall down my hair, but it stayed in place all day. I think this was my favourite buy of the day :)

These are knitted bows with polka dot ribbon around the middle. These are the same style clips as the bows one I bought a while ago, and just add a little something to my normal plain hair style!

This is a set of hair slides that are so pretty! There are two with little clear gems on the end (top and bottom in this picture) and one with a flowery china style heart on (second one down) and then one with a pink rose on (third one down). These are so dainty and pretty :)

I then picked up another Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick (you know I love them!) in the colour Red. When I picked it up, it looked like a coral orange colour. I really like it, it's my go to colour most days.

Then, I couldn't help myself but to pick up these....

I loved the Sally Hansen nail wraps I used a while ago, so I picked these up. I haven't got round to using these yet, but I look forward to trying them.

Lastly, I saw this and realised I needed a new mirror for my handbag! It is a cute heart shaped double compact mirror and does exactly what it's supposed to :)
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Have you found any good beauty buys in your local Poundland recently?

toodle pip!

Beka x


  1. Oh my holy moly, I absolutely adore poundland for hair clips! Specially the bows! and 200 bobby pins for a quid, as if you could turn that down!

    1. They are crazy prices for such a good amount of bobby pins, I'm always losing them! I can't wait to visit again and find some more goodies :-)