Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lovely Hubby :)

Well hello

I just wanted to share with you a lovely present my lovely husband bought for me today :)

Last night, I spent some time designing and printing off some business cards as a few people had asked me for details and ways to contact me. So I had a little play around and made some, printed them off and was planning on taking them to my parent's this morning to use my dad's brilliant paper slicer. 

On the way to my parent's this morning, we had to stop at the Post Office so Mike could send a parcel. I was waiting in the car and he came out with a little box for me....

I opened it to find this lovely thing inside.....

I was a little confused to start with as I wasn't actually sure what I was looking at. But then I realised it was a business card holder :) Mike and I had been talking about them last night, and he tried to find an old one he had, but to no avail. So, on his way out of the shop where the Post Office is, he saw this and thought of me. So sweet!

So, we got to my parent's and I cut up the cards I had printed and put them straight in there. They looked so good :) 

I can't wait to have the opportunity to give one to someone!

And I wanted to let you know how thoughtful and lovely my husband is :) Gushy, I know!

toodle pip!

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