Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tights - Marisota review

Well hello
Last month I was contacted by the lovely people at Marisota to review something from their brand. I was happy to oblige. I had a good look on their site at the amazing tops, skirts and dresses, and it made me realise, I don't have any tights!!
The last few times I can remember buying tights (quite a while ago now) I was very unsuccessful. This is mainly because.....
I am a dress size 24/26 AND 6"1 tall.
Every time I bought tights 'my size' they would never be long enough, and the crotch on them, no matter how much i pulled them up my legs, would be around the middle of my thighs. Even wearing a pair of knickers over the top to hold them up would be pointless! So when I was looking at some lovely dresses on the Marisota website, I noticed the models wearing tights, and thought 'That's what I need!'

So I ordered them in a size 20-26, which was a little hopeful. When they arrived, I was so excited to try them. I was so pleased with the quality of them, they were lovely and thick, but not in a woolly way. They were so smooth and easy to put on. Now this size fitted me better than any other tights I had bought before, but unfortunately, they were just slightly too small. Damn my freakishly long legs!!

I contacted the lovely lady who sent me to let her know the issue, and she was so good and sent me out the next size up (28-32) the next day :)

And they were the same quality and feel as the first pair.....but they fit!! They were long enough to fit my long legs :) I couldn't be happier! And I love the fact the pack contains a black pair and a slate pair. I wore the slate pair with some denim shorts (it's getting colder) last week and they are so comfy :) I am looking forward to wearing the black pair for my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary party on the 1st June.

I am so happy that I have managed to find tights that fit my long legs! I hope you have found this review useful, and I do highly recommend these tights. They are nice and thick, but so smooth! Now to find some larger shoes!

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toodle pip!

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