Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burlesque review

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Last week I had an afternoon to myself, and decided to sit and watch a film. The film was Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I knew it was a film that Mike wouldn't be that interested in, and not sure how suitable it was for the children, so having the house to myself was a great time to have a little watch.

****SPOILER ALERT**** I will try not to give away too much about the story of this film, but I will be describing the basis of it, so just a warning!*****

So as I said above, the main characters are Cher (Mermaids) and Christina Aguilera. I was unsure about the casting of Christina Aguilera as I have not seen her act before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen Cher act before - I love Mermaids. Some of the other main characters are played by Cam Gigandet (Twilight), Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) and Stanley Tucci (The Terminal). All of the roles are played really well by the cast.

The plot - A small town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer. 
Cher plays Tess, the club owner who is struggling to keep the theatre alive, which isn't helped by the Burlesque Lounge's dancers being distracted by personal problems. There is also a wealthy business man (Eric Dane) who wants to get his hands on the club and more... Christina Aguilera is Ali, who leaves her past in Iowa to become a dancer. All she wants is to fit in and make friends, but it doesn't seem that easy! She needs to be given a break, and that happens one night, and her true talent is discovered. She becomes the star act at the Burlesque Lounge, more people come to see her, but is it enough to save the club?

The dancing is amazing, and the music and routines are brilliant. I am a fan of musicals, so the use of songs in this film is great. The cast are great, and the storyline is good, but a little predictable, but I kind of like that. 

My favourite part of the whole film, is any scene that Stanley Tucci is in! I have always liked him as an actor, and he steals the show in some scenes. He is funny and caring all at the same time!

Have you seen this film, or avoided it for any reason?

toodle pip!

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