Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I need your help

Well hello

This is a different post to my normal ones, but I wanted to share with you a petition that my friend is involved with, and one that I think everyone should sign. 

Last week, my friend Donna's cat had to be put to sleep after ingesting something toxic. They believe it was antifreeze. After this happened, quite a few people in her area came forward to say that the same thing had happened to their cats. Although they cannot prove it, they think that someone is purposely putting antifreeze in cat food and leaving it out for cats to eat. Donna was heart broken at losing her cat, and she is now petitioning to the Government to pass a Bill in Parliament urging all manufacturers of anti-freeze to add a bittering agent to its products, so that it is not attractive to cats and other small animals. 

Only a teaspoon of anti-freeze is sufficient to be a fatal does in a cat. The cat will suffer a very painful death. No animal deserves that.

RIP Squishee

Please click HERE and sign this petition.

Beka x


  1. I signed I'm really sorry to hear about your friends cat xx

  2. I signed too. That's awful. What a beautiful cat. x x

  3. Thats so sad, how any one could ever hurt any animal is beyond me. I will go sign now and bravo for bringing this to your blog.

    Found your blog through Lipgloss & Lashes Blog Hop & now followed.

    H @ www.Teapartybeauty.blogspot.co.uk