Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pretty Poochie

Well hello
I love my dog. She is so fun and cute. So cute that, when her hair is a bit too long, she will be scratching herself, and her nail will get caught in her hair...... then she makes this cute little whining noise to let you know that she needs help! So cute! So she had got to this stage about 2 weeks ago, so I called a groomer shop near us to book an appointment.
A little history - I used to go to a lady called Sandra who did dog grooming in her garage, but about 3 months ago, she told me she was moving. OK, where she was was quite convenient, but I wouldn't mind travelling a bit more to keep using her......She was moving to Ireland! So she recommended a dog groomers near here. Now, when I used to call her, I would normally have to wait about 2-3 days for an appointment, so I was a little naive when I called this new groomer..... Their first appointment was in 2 weeks. I booked in and gave Lulu a little trim around the eyes, just so she could see!
So today was the day..... This was her about 2 weeks ago. Her hair gets so long and it especially grows around her face, sometimes so she can't see!

And this is her today!

She looks so fluffy! I love it! They have cut her hair so nicely, she still has some hair, which is good, but it looks so tidy. Now, that may sound weird, but she always seems 'messy' just before she gets groomed. her hair goes in all directions, and she always looks like she needs a good brush, even just after she HAS had a brush! I am so so happy with what they have done, and they were so lovely. The price was very reasonable too, it was the same as what I used to pay with Sandra, so even happier at that :)

If you live nearby, I highly recommend them!

The Pet Groomers
5 Portobello Parade
Fawkham Road
West Kingsdown
TN15 6JP 

toodle pip!
Beka x

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