Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Brands Hatch Evening

Well hello

I love motor racing. I've been watching it since I was little. My dad used to be marshall, then he got into photography, and now that his is job! We have travelled all over the country, from our local circuit Brands Hatch, to Knockhill in Scotland. My mum and I would pack up on a Friday after school, then when my dad got home from work, we would head off. For many years we had a great big tent that we used to stay in at the circuits, but then we turned posh and got ourselves a caravan. Those weekends were some of the best in my childhood. Often my mum and dad would have foster children, and so we would all go together. I always used to love having other children to play with :)
Anyway, back to today's post..... One of the weekends we were away, mum and I got chatting to a man and his son Guy, and as we started talking, we realised we lived about 5 minutes from each other! From then on, we were friends. Mum and dad with Guy's parent's, and me with Guy. we used to hang out at the race meetings, and at home too. He has been a great friend for 15 years :) So when he said he was heading to Brands Hatch for a track afternoon in his Seat race car, we couldn't wait to see him and the car in action!

So, the weather was OK, slightly overcast, but fine. So when Mike got in from work, we headed up there (it's about 5 minutes from our house now). My mum and dad were there as dad was taking some pictures for Guy, and then Mike's parent's came along too. I had prepared some picnic food for us all - sausage rolls, chicken dippers, Pringles and some other goodies :) which we enjoyed and reminded me of the old days :)

So we had a nibble and then it was time to see Guy in action!

Then, after a lovely bit on sunshine, the rain came, and really hard! Like torrential for about 5 minutes! We all took cover in our cars and the racing was stopped. Then we got out of the car in bright sunshine again, and saw this amazing rainbow!

Apart from the spell of crazy rain, we had a great evening :) Great friends, great car action and some yummy food. 

Guy runs his Seat Leon Cupra Cup car with XLR Motorsport and they have some great offers for track days and passenger rides. Please check out their website :)

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toodle pip!

Beka x

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  1. I grew up in Dartford but have never been to Brands Hatch, which is shameful really! :D It looks like a fab day was had by all. The rainbow is beautiful. x x