Thursday, 23 May 2013

What's in my handbag?

Well hello
Whilst searching through my handbag last week, I remembered that I meant to do this post a while ago! I have tried having nice small handbags in the past, but it just doesn't work! I always end up with it overflowing! So I recently bought a new bag from George @ Asda (review here) and I love it's size. Anyway, here is my handbag :)

And here are the contents on most days....

 1. Purse - I bought this on Bromley market just before Christmas

2. Diary - I can't go anywhere without this! Meetings, appointments, kids stuff....I'd be lost without it! I had a 'week to view' diary before, but I never had enough room to write in it, so I went for this one which is a day a page. I believe I got this in Poundland last year.

3. Notebook - Again, I take this everywhere. Blog stuff, party planning and general note taking. This was from Asda in January.

4. Shopping list pad - I got this from Ikea, it came as a 3 pack, and they are just so handy for my to do my shopping lists on.

5. My makeup bag - seems to get fuller each week!

6. Camera - Always handy, blog pictures and just catching random things, especially the kids

7. Hair stuff - Some days I think 'I want to wear my hair down' and I go out, and after 10 minutes, I get sooo hot! So now I have learnt to carry hair bands in my bag, and there is also a bow hair clip too.

8. Mints - These are nice ones from M&S, but normally it's Polos. Just in case I need to freshen up!

9. Nail stuff - Normally I have a nail kit in my bag, but I had left it at home this day. But essentials are a nail file and clippers.

10. Werther Originals - Oh My Days.... I am loving these! I forgot how yummy they are!

11. Stationary - I seem to collect more everyday, worrying that I don't have a pen or pencil on me, so now I have about 5 pens and 4 pencils, and not forgetting an eraser! Mainly as I write stuff in my diary in pencil, and occasionally it gets cancelled. So instead of scribbling it all out, I get rid of it :)

12. Tweezers - I often notice little hairs under my chin and I don't like just leaving it, so these come in handy :)

13. Batteries - Mainly for my camera, but you never know when you might need one!

14. Hand sanitiser - Sometimes, I just like to use it! And also when I walk the dog, and have to pick up poo! Obviously I use a bag, but my hand still feels a little dirty.

15. Perfume - I got a set of Ted Baker mini perfumes from my sister for Xmas and they are so handy to pop in my bag, rather than my main fragrance - it's massive and a glass bottle!

16.  Umbrella - You can never tell with British weather!

Now I know I haven't mentioned my phone or keys, but I have some logic to that....

Phone - I wear this bag with the long shoulder strap, so the phone would be near my bum. I have enough trouble hearing it when it is in my pocket, so my usually storage place for my phone is in my bra......just tucked into the side :)

Keys - I thought is 'If I put my keys in my bag, then lose or get my bag stolen, I'm stuffed' so I keep my keys in my pocket so they are always on me.

So that is usually day to day stuff I will have in my bag, but there are days when it gets filled with:
Mike's diabetic stuff
Dog poo bags
Dog treats
Kids snacks
Kids toys
Bottle of water
Sun cream
and anything else Mike or the kids want to take but then can't be bothered to carry! So I am always the bad guy when I say I'm not taking my bag for one reason or another when we go out :)

toodle pip!

Beka x 


  1. Love your bag and the idea of you tucking your phone in your bra made me chuckle! My phone is too big to do that even though my bras are huge!

    1. Thanks! It does create a big of a bulge, but I never hear it otherwise. You should see me when I try to find it. I look like I am dancing as I touch both boobs, then both pockets! My husband thinks it hilarious! Beka x

  2. I dread to think of all the rubbish I carry around with me, it is a little like Pandora's box, I dare not empty it out! x

    1. I know what you mean! Sometimes I have to empty it, especially when the kids have put a bag of sweets/crisps in their without me knowing and they have spilt out everywhere! x